5 Best Apps to Celebrate Halloween

Sometimes we are so used to doing things in one way that when something unexpected happens, like the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have to take another path to carry out our plans, we have a hard time executing what we had programmed.

For example, weddings are traditionally performed in a certain way; the same could be said of birthdays, graduations and other similar family events.

Currently, most of the people are making the necessary preparations to celebrate Halloween or the night of witches. But how do you do it if you can’t leave the house to play Trick or Treat? This is one of the traditional activities of the festival, as well as the use of terrifying costumes, the telling of dark stories and much more.

Don’t let the parrot go away! This time we will be sharing with you some interesting ideas for you to reinvent Halloween, one of the most anticipated of the year. In view of the current situation, the vast majority of scheduled events are taking place through electronic means, such as video calls or conference calls.

However, that is not the only option available to you. You can also make use of different applications, for Android and IPhone, so that Halloween does not go unnoticed by you and your family members who live under your same roof.

Some of these apps allow you to wear costumes, put makeup on your friends, play against creepy and hungry zombies, and even make your own sweets so you don’t miss out on the party tradition.


At the end of October, Halloween will be celebrated, one of the scariest nights of the year. But don’t feel bad about not being able to hit the streets in costume to trick-or-treat.

Over time, a large number of games and applications have been created, whose central theme is precisely this festival of terror. For example, if you want to liven up the meeting and put yourself in the mood, you can’t stop using the Halloween Soundboard application.

With it you can play a wide variety of sounds of horror and mystery from your phone. Some of these sounds are chain dragging, screaming, ghost sounds, scary voices, squeaking doors, among many other things.

It is a simple and simple but very fun and free application, which you can get from the Play Store. However, keep in mind that, naturally, you will have to deal with the different ads it contains a bit.

Now, if you want to wear a look that is in tune with the theme of the party, we recommend that you download the Halloween Horror Makeup application. With this application you can learn to simulate cuts, burn injuries, zombie eyes and much more.

So it is very useful for both men and women, since its purpose is to help you represent characters related to Halloween. Best of all, it gives you step-by-step information.

But what else do you need to know about the alternative way to celebrate the Halloween party? Let’s see it right now.

What do you need

Don’t be sad if you can’t play Trick or Treat, you can replace that game with a virtual one. Download Plants vs. Zombies. In this game, the user will have to choose a series of plants to grow.

The objective of the game is to prevent the zombies from reaching the gardens. For this you can count certain powers and special characteristics of plants. You will realize that it is a really fun game and, in addition, free. It is available for Android and iPhone.

Of course, sweets are something that cannot be missed. That’s why we recommend you download the Foodie Recipes app. You can find this application in Spanish, English, Chinese or French, among other languages.

With this application you will be able to make compositions to do with the little ones in the house, to carry out a delicious scary party. In addition, along with the detailed instructions for each menu, it contains images that exemplify the final result.

On the other hand, thanks to the updates of the application, you will be able to enjoy very fun recipes throughout the year. Now, what else should you take into account?


Do you like costumes? Do not deprive yourself of using a very fun and terrifying one. With the help of the Digital Duds app, you can give your costumes an original touch. This application gives you the opportunity to add lights and sounds characteristic of Halloween, without having to add decorations.

All you have to do is download the service on your Android phone, iPhone or on your iPod or iPod touch and let the magic happen. You will realize that, in a couple of seconds, you will feel inspired and create unique things.

To enjoy these applications, you just have to have a cell phone with a Wi-Fi connection or with mobile data and, with just one click; you will open the door to a slide of fun.

The best of all is that you will not have to leave the house and you can include all the members of the family. Without a doubt, they will be activities to unite them even more, something that everyone will greatly appreciate.

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